What is your plan for Hideout Festival 2017?

Hideout Festival 2016 is unfortunately over. Such an amazing time at Zrce beach this summer. And now is the time to prepare for Hideout 2017. Here is a simple guide for you guys to cover all the basis and make sure you get all the right info.

When and where is #Hideout2017?

From 25th to 30th June 2017 on Zrce beach, Novalja.

So here is what you need to do, the only Hideout checklist you need:

  1. Book your Hideout 2017 accommodation now – click here
  2. Get your Hideout 2017 tickets – click here
  3. Arrange Hideout 2017 airport transfers – click here
  4. Plan your trip – free eBook to help you out
  5. Have the best time of your life!


And in more details.

Book your accommodation

You should book your accommodation as soon as possible to make sure you get the best deal. Booking early you are sure to get the best EARLY BIRD price. Check out our ULTIMATE ACCOMMODATION GUIDE before you decide to book and SEND US A MESSAGE if you have any questions at all. We have some nice places to stay so take a look here.

Get Hideout 2017 tickets

Early birds ar going out soon so make sure you are ready in time. Subscribe to Hideout official website newsletter so stay up to date with all news and ticket sale dates. They go out in just a week or so – better be quick!

Arrange airport transfers

Airport transfer is something you should have covered at least a month before you leave for Hideout 2017. Getting a taxy at airport can be costy so make sure you get the right guy for the job. We have the best offers fo get in touch here.

Plan your trip to Hideout 2017

Planning is everything. When you get there all you want to do is have fun, dance, drink and so on. That is why you need to make all the plans now. Make sure to check out our eBook with all insider info for Hideout 2017, from locals and experienced party folks. Get if for FREE on this link.

And that is all you need folks, have the best time on Hideout 2017!

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