Some of the best Instagram reactions to Sonus Festival 2017

The last weeks of August are in the sign of Sonus Festival on Zrce beach. For the 5th year in the row Sonus has shown to be one of the greatest and most popular Zrce beach festivals. No wonder why people from all around the world join together at this perfect Mediterranean beach to celebrate 5 days and 5 nights of music, beach parties and amazing relaxing activities.

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This is how Instagram reacted to Sonus Festival 2017. Found yourself?

Getting ready to rock the boat?

The DJs are ready too…

And the stage looks perfect, right?

Before you know if the stage is burning…

And the gang is ready to party.

Girl team photos are a must!

And the boys are having some great time as well.

That Papaya stage is just something, isn’t it?

If you haven’t realised yet the beach is gorgeous.

And some great friendships are made.

The dress code is strictly formal.

Both for girls and boys 😀

After a long night, the food is so tasty, you feel me?

And if you are brave enough you can try a bungee…

Or take some decent photos to show your family when you return home…

And some less decent for the friends…

See you guys next year on Sonus Festival 2018!

What is Sonus Festival?

5 days and 5 night of top festival experience. You can expect world class names, beach and pool parties and fun 24/7.

  • LINEUP – International headliners and local heroes, underground super stars and new-comers. These are the minds and hearts who constitute our SONUS Festival soundtrack. We’ve gathered more than 70 artists to create perfect sun-downer parties, incredible techno raves or laid-back house parties.
  • LOCATION – Imagine a small island just off the coast of Croatia. Imagine your favourite artists playing open air, just a few steps away from the beach. Imagine taking a dip in the crystal clear Adriatic sea in between parties. Sounds like a dream? Well, at SONUS it all comes true: Your perfect summer rave adventure happens right on the shores of Pag.
  • LEISURE – Sonus Festival allows you to rave on while spending your perfect summer vacation. So, along with our line-up there’s lots to explore around Pag. Whether you wanna worship the sun, indulge in the local cuisine or experience an adrenaline rush – Pag offers everything you need for your creature comforts.
  • THE ISLAND – Pag Island is not only the perfect spot for a massive, five day techno festival – it also enchants with its natural beauty. The Adriatic shore is the backdrop for a dramatic moon-like scenery of bizarre natural rock formations, waiting for you to explore them. Stretching along 3,600 miles (5,790km), the coast dazzles with shimmering bays, exceptionally clear water and some of the most secluded little beaches you will ever discover.
  • THE CULTURE If you want to get away from Zrce Beach and want to indulge in the local cuisine or discover tiny shops selling artisanal goods, why not pay a visit to Novalja? Wander around the many tiny alleys of the old town, visit the harbor area at dawn and make unforgettable memories.
  • THE BOAT PARTIES – Sonus does not only happen in clubs – we also take the sound we love to the open waters. Dance away to your favourite artists and enjoy the finest tunes in an intimate and spectacular setting.


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