Things to do



Great party on Zrce beach is the reason you are here, right? There are few great clubs on the beach and one club in Novalja center to start your night out. With all the natural beauties and amazing young bodies dancing all around you there is no reason to stay alone. Dance, have the best time of your life on Zrce beach! Find more info on clubs here.



I know you want to party 24/7 but you still need to eat to make that happen. We have some great restaurants in Novalja center, and many fast food bars to grab a snack. You need to try “ćevapi” while you are here! Restaurants info is available here.


Rent a scooter, quad or bike

To fully enjoy the vacation you need to be able to get to the beach in seconds. Other than great city bus lines and lots of taxies there is no better feeling than to have your own transport. You can rent all kind of vehicles here in Novalja, bikes, quads, scooters, cars, boat. Well, almost anything…



If you want to immerse yourself into some other liquid other than cocktails, you should definitely check out underwater treasures around Novalja. There is a place called Caska and it is believed to be underwater town, but it is up to you to discover it. Perfect sea temperature will help you stay focused and relax.



The perfect way to burn out all the calories is to cycle around, unless the obvious of course. Great nature and roads made just for you will help you find your way to cycling heaven. You can rent a bike in Novalja if you want.


Bungee jumping

You need to be brave, not only to approach that perfect girl you are sneaking on all night, but to show how much of a man you really are. Now is the time to jump! Or convince your girl to jump. Ladies first, right?



You should definitely try this if you want to impress ladies not only with your perfect dance moves, but with ability to stay above the water for longer than 15 seconds.


Water sports

Since you are on the beach, there are plenty of water sports to attend to other than swimming or sex on the beach. You can rent some jet sky, a boat or maybe a yacht?

If you want to book an apartment you are on the right place. Take a look, we have some great apartments.

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