Ultimate Zrce beach accommodation guide to get the best deal

When you decide to visit a new location the most important factor is a good place to stay. Considering you spend a decent amount of money on that, you should know what you get for your money and how to avoid potentially expensive mistakes. This is your guide to Zrce beach accomodation.

Why do you travel?

Let’s start with reason for your travel. If you are looking for a family vacation there is a certain type of accommodation and locations to consider. Obviously, you would like to be close to some nice family beach, great restaurants and places for kids. If you are however, like most people, looking to get some party nights on Zrce beach, there are some thing you should look out for when choosing a place to stay.

So you need couple of things like easy access to party locations and clubs, great restaurants and bars close by and a convenient grocery store since you probably won’t bother with a car rental, or you would be to drunk to drive 😉

Since we are mostly covering party locations we are going to give specific advice for choosing a great place to stay when going to have a party of your life. If you are however looking for a nice family apartment, drop us an email because we have some amazing offers for you.



Obviously location is the most important factor to consider. Zrce beach is not a part of any residential town, so you definitely need some travel time. By choosing the right location you are going to avoid commute and leave it for when you get back to work, and be on Zrce beach within couple of minutes.

Novalja is the largest town around, and the most convenient also. There are couple of reasons for that:

  • Novalja has the majority of great restaurants, bars and grocery stores
  • It is the closest to Zrce beach and has the best travel connection
  • There is also a nightlife in town if you don’t feel like going to the beach
  • It is the place where all your friends will be staying

You could also choose to stay in a smaller villages like Stara Novalja, Zubovići, Vidalići, Kustići, Metajna, Caska or Gajac. The main benefit for choosing some of those amazing places is the price. Apartments there are lower priced, and there is a reason for that. You are not so well connected to Zrce beach since there are no dependable bus lines, so you usually end up spending a lot of money on taxis during peak times at night. Do I need to mention there is no Uber there (yet)? You also don’t have access to great restaurants and stores.

Once we got that covered, not all locations in Novalja are created equally. You can also end up walking half marathon or spending a lot on taxis if you don’t choose wisely. When booking an apartment try to look for some of these:

  • Places closer to Novalja center since all the restaurants and stores are there
  • Places closer to shuttle bus stations. That will minimise walking time and will help you get to Zrce faster


Type of accommodation

Once you have decided on where you are going to stay it is time to choose if you want to share a room or have a private place to stay. The majority of accommodation in Novalja are private apartments and hostels. The main benefit of apartment is that you have your privacy and peace of mind and on the other hand hostels can be a bit cheaper priced. Here are your options:

  • Apartments – You get the private place to stay for standard prices depending on location, type of apartment and equipment you get.
  • Hostels – Great if that is what you are looking for, but otherwise try to avoid them. You will have enough party time outside so you should have a peaceful place to rest.
  • Rooms – Can be either is standard hotels which are not great or small private hotels that are mostly amazing but can cost you more than apartment.
  • Private villas with pool – A new trend that we are very fond of. Absolute privacy and luxury for a certain price that is on the high end side.
  • Camping – If you’re into that it is an amazing experience. There is only one camp in Novalja so that is an easy choice.

Not all apartments are created equal so when booking an apartment you should look for location, newer properties and included costs. It is always better to have one price including all, not to end up paying more in the end, so make sure you get all the info before you book. Apartments on nice locations and the ones having pool are a bit more expensive, but they are absolutely worth every penny.

That is why we work mostly with amazing houses that are both on great locations and looking like a million bucks.


Look for house rules

This is more of a general piece of advice. Every house has their own house rules and they are very reasonable. Majority of accommodation is not in party zone so try to keep that in mind and you should be fine. Security deposit is usually required and if you don’t damage anything you are getting it back. Hello to some last day spending 🙂

Where to book?

Another question you might find yourself asking but usually pretty simple. You can go directly with house owner and get the lower price. Sometimes, most often than not that means you get slow answers and bad customer support and money transfer is just pre-historic so you will need to visit your bank. The other option is to get a travel agency like us. You will pay a slightly higher price but will get much better service and support.

Very popular option is to book via Airbnb, Booking.com or similar sites. That is a great option but if you are on a budget you might want to consider that. Keep in mind that every site has their fees that are mostly higher than travel agency charges and in the last few years you can really find all kind of people renting there.

The key is the get all the important info before you book, and if the person on the other side, whether it is the owner or travel agent is feeling shady to you, just don’t book with him/her. Common sense is your friend here.

Travel time

When you have finally booked your place to stay it is time to enjoy it all the way. Make sure you have contact details and address handy for check in. We recommend printing it so you don’t depend on your phone’s battery. Confirm your arrival time with your host and enjoy your stay.

We are a travel agency and offer some nice apartments, rooms and private villas. Get in touch here.

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