Novalja gets seaplane service for fast and easy travel

One of the thing we were waiting for for a long time has finally come to town. European Coastal Airlines has started regular line to and from Novalja.

Now you can get daily access to other towns in Croatia like Split or Rijeka (more to come).

What it’s all about?

Regular seaplane service means fast and easy connection to other towns and islands. Small seaplanes can carry around 20 people on board plus two pilots. They land either on sea or land, on very convenient locations usually not accessible with other travel options.


Is that right for me?

Well depend on what you need. If you are searching for the fastest way to go around from Split or Rijeka, this is the way to go. You can be in Novalja in around 40 minutes from Split and just around 20 minutes from Rijeka. The seaplane lands in Novalja center so can’t get more convenient than that. From there you can catch a taxi or a bus.

Where can I book the flight?

For more info about departure times and booking please visit European Coastal Airlines website.

UPDATE: Seaplane services have been suspended until further notice. Please check this page for up to date info on ways to get to Novalja. 

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