Some of the best reactions to Zrce Spring Break 2017


Season 2017 has officially started on Zrce beach. Traditionally, the one festival that starts it all is Zrce Spring Break – a full variety of them to be precise.

People are loving it, and let’s be honest – what not to love. Summer vibes, sea, sun and beach full of young party people with lots of intoxicating drinks, among other things.

Well, this is how people reacted on Instagram.

The wristbands are safely secured, time to start the party.

At first, you are shy, all dressed up and taking some decent photos

 You chill on the beach and sip a few beers.

You put on some suncream, just to play it safe.

And before you know it some new friendships are made

Just in time for the party to start

You get to see some serious sunsets. And sunrise as well.

We hear that foam parties are a thing over there.

And some beach selfies, are there better ones?

And then you realize the time has flown by and you need to head back home.

Good thing there are lots of photos and videos to remind you what happened.

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De eso se trata la libertad ✨

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See you guys on the next one.

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